Process Server Divorce Petition

Process Server Divorce Petition

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Our process servers serve Divorce Petitions and Divorce papers across England and Wales on a regular basis and on completion we provide you with a Statement of Service in the Court compliant format so you can move  forward to the next step and apply for a decree nisi.

If the Respondent has failed to sign and return the Acknowledgement of Service to the Court you will have been advised that you need to have the Divorce Petition, an Acknowledgement of Service Form and Notice of Proceedings Form served personally on the Respondent.

This can be done by the Court Bailiff or by a process server such as ourselves. Our fee to make up to three attempts at personal service of the documentation on different days and at different times is £90 within the London and M25 area and £99 across the rest of England and Wales. This fee also covers providing you with a Statement of Service in the Court Compliant format.

By using a process server as opposed to a Court Bailiff you can keep costs down, as of March 2019 the cost of Bailiff Service was increased to £110. You can also progress your matter quicker by using a process server as we will make the initial attendances within 2-3 days whereas depending on their workload it may take 7 days or more for the Court Bailiff to make the initial attendance.

Of course some Respondents will go to extreme lengths to avoid you completing the Divorce process and we can also assist in this scenario.

Whilst the Courts are understandably keen to give the Respondent every opportunity to engage in the Divorce process they also have procedures in place to ensure that the Divorce is not ‘put on hold’ just because they refuse to sign and return the Acknowledgement of Service form.

Of course the first step is to instruct a process server to make attempts to personally serve the documentation and whilst we are generally successful there are of course instances where the Respondent will go to extreme lengths to avoid any contact or acceptance of the Divorce.

If we fail to meet with the Respondent and personally serve the documents then we will of course make every effort to confirm with anyone we meet with at the property or neighbouring properties that the Respondent continues to reside at the address, assuming this confirmation can be obtained and we are unable to meet with the Respondent then you will need to proceed with a process known as deemed service and we can provide you with a Statement to facilitate this detailing our attempts and that it is our belief that the documents will come to the attention of the Respondent. This will allow you to make an application for deemed service and still move the process forward.

If you are ready to instruct us or have any questions at all about the process of serving Divorce papers please do not hesitate to contact us, we are been serving these documents for over ten years and appreciate this can be a stressful and frustrating time.

We are based in London but have a network of process servers across England and Wales so whatever your location we are able to assist.

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