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What people often ask us

The questions we regularly get asked along with a few summary articles we have put together

  • Does the UK have process servers?

    The UK has process servers who can serve documents issued both here in the UK and International papers from abroad.

    We offer a fixed fee to cover service of the documents and provision of a proof of service in the appropriate format. There are no hidden costs and we are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.

    Based in London but with a network of process servers across the UK we are able to serve your documents whatever your location.

  • What is a process server allowed to do in the UK?

    Being impartial and independent, process servers in the UK serve all forms of legal documents. Once served a Statement, Certificate or Affidavit of Service is provided in a court compliant format.

    Depending on the type of document being served we can advise the correct proceedure to follow.

  • What is the point of a process server?

    A process server acts as an independent individual to serve legal documents on behalf of Solicitors, Companies and individuals. Usually these documents are personally served to ensure the recipient is fully aware of the documents being served.

    Should the recipient choose to ignore the documents being served then being an independent individual the Court will generally accept the process server's Statement of Service as proof the documents were served,

  • Can you refuse to be served papers?

    No, once the individual being served identifies themselves or is recognised from a photograph they are then legally served once they are made aware of the nature of the documents.

    If they still refuse to take the documents they are then left at their feet.

  • Can Court papers be served by email?

    Whilst general communications between two parties can often be by email or letter actual Court documents usually need to be served by a Process Server to an address nominated by the other party for service.

    This is usually their residential or business address but in some matters personal service of documents can be accepted by their Solicitor.

  • In what areas do you serve documents?

    We are based in London and Watford but have a network of process servers across England and Wales.

England and Wales
Process Serving

Do we serve documents in your area?

We are based in London but have a network of process servers across England and Wales. So whether you require documents served in one of the larges cities or in

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Process Serving

Serving Divorce papers

Once your Divorce Petition has been issued a copy will be sent to your partner so that they have an opportunity to respond either agreeing that the Divorce should proceed

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Process Serving

What does a Process Server do?

A Process Server in the UK serves (delivers) documents to an individual, Limited Company or Partnership. Whilst these are often Court documents a Process Server will also serve Letters before

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